What is the MatrixCoin Investment Project?

The MatrixCoin investment project is based on the Matrix crypto currency. This is an open digital crypto currency, based on the financial community, consisting of partners of numerous long-term matrix projects and businesses.

Would you like to ensure the financial stability of your future, to get financial freedom by investing in the rapidly developing cryptocurrency market?

MatrixCoin makes possible the integration of the matrix community with the crypto industry, giving each matrix project participant the potential to use a single currency for settlements, buying seats and converting a MatrixCoin coin to another crypto currency or fiat money on the exchange market.

Getting started

The MatrixCoin team has developed convenient tools for starting work with investments in crypto currency and gaining maximum benefit for investors.

Start by registering with MatrixCoin - Sign up!
Download and install the MatrixCoin purse - Download
Click the button to automatically create a personal account in the investment project.
You can track the accrual of earned coins, withdraw them on the exchange platform in the personal account of the Investment project.

3 ways of earning

MatrixCoin Staking

MatrixCoin Staking - Financing of MatrixCoin is getting a passive income from investing in a coin. You keep a coin in your wallet with Up to 30 % per months.

Trading MatrixCoin on the exchange

This investment option involves earning a profit from the sale of MatrixCoin on the exchange market. We will provide training materials for trading on the stock exchange. You can transfer your coins to our experienced stock exchange players to generate income from transactions. You will receive a daily profit based on your investment option. At the end of the investment period, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to withdraw it or, possibly, re-invest back into the investment project in order to continue to receive daily profit.

MatrixCoin Mining

MatrixCoin mining is the process by which new MatrixCoin are generated. The hash of blockchain is very simple you can mining quickly a lot of coins.

New conditions of investment!

A new packages of investment programs "Update".

The packages include 10,000/20,000/30,000 MatrixCoin coins. The term of the packages until January 31, 2018 inclusive. Interest for this packages is calculated weekly at a rate of 10%/11%/12% per month. The number of packages is limited to 100 pieces. The packages can be purchased only for newly purchased coins. The site has a calculator for calculating the funds needed to purchase coins.

Interest accrues once a week on Monday, the withdrawal of interest is possible at any time.

Rules for the withdrawal of coins from promotional packages:

1. To enter into the personal account

2. Press Menu

3. Select the Active programs

4. Choose a Package with a green label

5. Press the Details button

6. Click the Withdrawal button

7. Example: https://prnt.sc/hg1em2 and https://prnt.sc/hg1f52

Investment program «Stream Deposit»

«Stream Deposit» is opening from 31.10.2017! Stream Deposit is the flow of investment of a fixed amount.

Yield income: 5% per month + revenue from received revenue income 7 lines:

  • 1 line 15%
  • 2 line 9%
  • 3 line 5%
  • 4 line 3%
  • 5 line 2%
  • 6 line 1%
  • 7 line 0.5%

Interest accrues once a week on Monday, the withdrawal of interest is possible at any time.

From 31.10.2017 the price of the coin for the purchase on the site will be equal to the price of the coin on the exchange!

Make money on technology!!

Why use MatrixCoin Investment Project?

The investment project MatrixCoin is a financial instrument through which you can invest in the crypto currency market.

The purpose of the investment project is to attract attention to the MatrixCoin crypto currency, popularize the coin, and scale the project.

We offer you investment income on the MatrixCoin crypto currency. The Matrix coin is already traded on the Nova Exchange. It is planned to enter other exchange exchanges.

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